MPG Films


A career spanning more than 20 years, Mark has worked on natural history films with the BBC & independents in more than 40 countries. As lighting cameraman, he has gained a unique range of skills in film and video styles/techniques. Mark’s experience includes shooting for 35 mm feature films, TV drama productions, commercials, 3D, special fx, presenter and actuality sync shooting, interior and exterior lighting, drama reconstructions and, of course, as a specialist natural history cameraman. Read More >

In Production

BBC2/BBC41x 20 mins + 1 x 30 minsSync and specialist cameraman on the longest running show. Presenter lead series with 5 presenters/reporters bring up to date astronomy news and features. Involving conventional shooting styles along with infra-red, starlight, time-lapse and astro video cameras delivering real views of space through amateur telescopes
WILD CANADA. Brian Leith Productions/River Road Films/Terramata & CBC.4×60 minsLandmark 4 part bluechip series. An historical portrait of Canada’s landscape, wildlife & people. Red Epic. Delivery End 2013 SURVIVAL
BBC NHU/Discovery Channel7x 60 mins.TX 2014.Landmark bluechip series. Indepth portrait of animal survival strategies at different life stages from birth to reproduction.Red Epic, Varicam P2, Phantom HD
BBC NHU/Discovery Channel
3x 60 mins. Late 2013/14
Stylised animal drama series where Pixar meets blue chip wildlife filming. Employing a wide range of filming techniques including studio & location wildlife filming, blue screen, high-speed, macro, long lens, motion control, time-lapse. Operating cameras from Red Epic, Phantom Miro to Iconix.